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Sights of Uganda Nice places, food & drinks, going out and more...


Interesting places in Uganda

In Uganda you will find the largest lake in Africa and also one of the sources of the Nile: Lake Victoria. This is where the White Nile originates, this is where you can go rafting and boat trips. If you have not had enough about that water, then you can travel the Murchison Falls. There it is possible for you to spot a large number of wild animals during the boat trip.

Nature parks in Uganda

Uganda has many nature parks and visiting some of these parks will really make your trip enjoyable. From these parks, you will discover how much wildlife looks like in Uganda. In Kibale Forest, you will find and meet chimpanzees. In Bwindi National Park, you will come face to face with mountain gorillas. If you want also to spot predators, you can go to Kidepo Valley. In this place you will find the lions, the cheetahs and the leopards.

The climate in Uganda

The equator runs through Uganda and this country has a tropical climate. In addition, the country is on a plateau that is at least one kilometer above sea level, which ensures that it is not really hot. The temperature remains about the same throughout the year, around 26 degrees. Uganda is not familiar with seasons as we do, except rainy seasons and dry periods. Rainy seasons fall in March through May and in October / November. There are many showers that are often short and powerful. The dry season is the warmest period in Uganda. This falls during our winter, in the months of December to February. In addition, there is also a dry period in Uganda during our summer.

Food and drink

When you are in the market in Uganda, you will encounter 'strange' delicacies. Imagine for example pre-fried frogs, beetles, lizards, grasshoppers and white termites. Normal meals are simple and with banana or fish as a main course. Meat is eaten more often in the better circles. In the countryside, people eat a lot of beans and peanuts. Matoke is a well-known dish (food). The basis is the matoke banana. Peeled and cooked in the banana leaves so that it has got something like endive. Muchomo is charcoal roasted meat from chicken, beef or pork. It is often served on skewers. Crocodile meat is increasingly being eaten.
Waragi is the national drink of Uganda. It is a genever, distilled from banana beer, cassava and brown sugar. 2 beers are brewed; Belle and Nile.


The international airport is located near Entebbe, more than 30 km from the capital city Kampala. There is a train connection between Nairobi (Kenya) and Kampala. The trains always have a delay.
The quality of the roads leaves much to be desired, especially during the rainy season, it is not possible to reach every place. Public transport, on the other hand, is of reasonable quality. The national airline is Uganda Airlines.